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As small business owners ourselves, we are all too aware of the importance and the cost of marketing. 
Getting it right is crucial. Online marketing in particular seems tricky and hard to measure.

Do I reach my target audience? Do I even know what my target audience is? Who is my competition? How is my business different? What is my corporate identity? What message do I want to get across?

All questions you need to ask yourself when planning your online marketing campaign and before spending your valuable marketing dollars.

We can help you reach a specific objective or plan for a specific event, or offer more general assistance with branding and a strategic online marketing plan.

Social Media

Would you like a Facebook page but you don’t know how? You have a page but you struggle to keep it up to date and to grow your audience? And how about Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkenIn, a blog?

We can help.
We can bring the look & feel of your social media in line with your logo, we can link them all to your website and we can help with content management.


For your online presence to get noticed, you need a good ranking in the search engines.
And for that, you need SEO (Search Engine Optimisation).
There are many ways to improve your ‘findability’ and a lot comes down to writing great content for your website, with the right headers and the right keywords. We offer SEO as part of our webdesign or as a standalone advisory service.

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