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Computer Services

Quality RepairsWe offer quick and reliable solutions to your software and hardware problems.
We can come to you, you can drop your machine off or we can pick it up. The choice is yours!

Virus Removal & Protection Don't underestimate the importance of good virus protection.
Do you buy the same anti-virus year after year? You might want to re-think that. Just because it was good in 2014 doesn't mean it's good in 2015. We follow independent research and will recommend a brand accordingly.
And if a virus has struck, we can look after its removal for you.

UpgradesYou would be amazed what a solid state drive, some extra internal memory, a clean-up or a software upgrade can do for your computer!

Data Recovery & BackupToo often we see customers who have lost their data. But rest assured: most of the time we can help you get your data back.
As always: prevention is better than cure - ask us how to set up a backup routine.

NetworkingWant internet and file-sharing in every room and on every device? Let us network your house or business using state of the art networking products.

New SystemsBuying a new computer can be daunting. There are so many options out there! And it doesn’t have to be a one size fits all. Student, online gamer, frequent traveller, business owner… we all have different needs. We can help you get the PC you need for your lifestyle so you don’t pay for what you don’t need.
We will bundle it in with a setup & configuration service and we can transfer data from your previous computer.

Maintenance PlansAre you a business owner who needs fast, reliable and ongoing IT support? Ask us about our business support packages.
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